Ecosystem fund

Ecosystem pools

A fund of TCP tokens for creating incentives to increase adoption and game-play in the ecosystem will be an essential component for growth.

The Ecosystem fund is split into two pools:

Pool 1 - General marketing

For discretionary use by the marketing and management team with a disbursement schedule that will release 2.5% every month until depleted.

Pool 2 - Referral mining

Is for new sign-ups and referrals that help grow the ecosystem and user base. There is no disbursement schedule for pool 2 and will drawdown as new sign-ups and referrals are made in bTCP.

See below for bTCP referral mining program.

Sign up and referral campaign

There is a sign-up campaign that rewards all players who sign up to play with $5 worth of bTCP tokens.

The bTCP tokens are only redeemable once an NFT Crypto Prophet has been purchased and associated with the user account.

For every friend that is referred, the referrer will receive an additional $5 of bTCP tokens once they sign up, create their account and also purchase an NFT Crypto Prophet.

bTCP referral mining program

Used to incentivise platform growth and user acquisition into the ecosystem.

A fungible token called 'Bonus TCP' (bTCP for short) will be used on various referral schemes, airdrops, marketing and community development purposes. The following characteristics define the utility of bTCP:

  • bTCP are minted by locking equivalent amounts of TCP in a smart contract.

  • bTCP are strictly non-transferable and can only be used for participation in ecosystem real money games.

  • Participating in games modes with bTCP tokens leads to them being burned and withdrawal of an equivalent number of TCP tokens from the TCP smart contract.

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