The scattered races of the Crypto World

You will find Crypto Prophets lurking within every race and Kingdom of the Crypto World.

Here are some of the races and prophets you can expect to find in Generation 1 (G1) of The Crypto Prophecies.

The Satoshians

Territory: The volcanic plains of Middle Earth where the chaotic and volatile power of mother nature thrives.

Characteristics: Satoshians are of mythical status across all lands within The Crypto World. They can harness a lot of raw power and are heralded as powerful wizards, often wielding strong and overpowering magic.

Magical Source: Fire. Their magical source represents their volatility and their connection to the raw energy they instil in their actions.

Appearance: Satoshians typically have features that make them often mistaken for fairies and fair folk. However, do not be deceived. They often have demonic horns, and even brandish their fire on the outside.

The Etherians

Territory: The Forbidden forests and forgotten wellsprings. Etherians thrive the most when they are surrounded by the constantly changing natural world.

Characteristics: They epitomise the cycle of life and cherish their role as builders, working together with the nature around them to create and nurture new life.

Magical Source: Nature. Their magical source represents their sympathetic connection to all living things.

Appearance: Etherians resemble that of the natural world often mistaken for miniature Treants sporting mossy growths and blooming flowers of varying degrees.

The Ripptilians

Territory: The swamplands and underground caverns that border the Great Beyond. Ripptilians are drawn to territories with great sources of geothermal and magnetic energies.

Characteristics: Ripptilians are cold-blooded creatures with a reputation for being devious and manipulative, some folk tales even claim that the Ripptilians are not even real Prophets.

Magical Source: Telekinesis. Using only the mind Ripptilians have the ability to influence, control and manipulate matter in all its forms - natural, organic or artificial.

Appearance: Ripptilians may have long, serpent-like bodies with small limbs that resemble the Basilisk. Some have been seen with multiple heads like the mythical Hydra.

The Tezmanians

Territory: Inland settlements, largely sheltered from the goings-on from the Great Beyond and barriers that edge between all realms.

Characteristics: An honest and peaceful race that has constantly evolving DNA keeping the Tezmanians forever young. Do not let appearances fool you, the Tezmanians are a powerful race.

Magical Source: Arcane. Volatile magic harnessed from immense magical channels that run deep beneath the Crypto World. Using Arcane Tezmanians can warp time and space.

Appearance: Childlike features with almost alien-like heads often pointed or obscurely shaped, their antennas are their distinct features.

Other races

More races of the Crypto World will be revealed for Generation 2(G2), due later in 2021.

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