The TCP token

The TCP token utility

The TCP token will be a fungible token using the ERC20 token standard. The TCP token powers the ecosystem and brings value to the ecosystem.

The TCP token can be used in the following ways:



To wager in player versus player game modes

To purchase NFT characters, items and ancillaries.

As a prize in daily probabilistic draws.

To gain access to special events and tournaments.

Ecosystem governance and voting rights.


The TCP token will have the ability to be usable as a governance token, on a ‘one token equals one vote’ basis. Initially, token holders will be offered the ability to vote on minor proposals on how to evolve the ecosystem. If voting proves successful with the community, more involved and complex governance could be explored such as voting on the monetary policy parameters, referral rewards, incentives and prize draw frequencies.

TCP token burning

Half of the 3% Kingdom fee that is charged on all wagers and platform transactions will be burned automatically by sending to a 0x0000 address. This will constantly reduce the circulating supply of TCP tokens.

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