Magic Items

Magic items overview

The magical items found within the Crypto World can only be used by those capable of wielding the magic source that flows within them. So only Crypto Prophets that can master the flame will be able to wield items that have Fire Magic in them.

Magic spells

As with all magic, different spells do different things. Warning, unleashing a magic spell during battle may seriously hinder your opponent's chances of victory.

Magic staffs

These are the primary weapons for all Crypto Prophets who can wield them.

There are many different staffs to be found in the Crypto World, each with different inherent magical capabilities and rarity.

Magic capes

Prophets of the Crypto World use rare enchanted capes and cloaks to protect themselves from opposing magical sources.

There are many different capes and cloaks to be found in the Crypto World, but only those who understand their magic source can harness their true power.

Magic wands

The secondary weapon of choice for Epic Prophets is the wand.

Wands take many different forms and may not always look that powerful. But be warned, when used correctly, a wand can deal devastating magical spells.

Magic pets

Only the true legends of the Crypto World have a companion and some say Guardian.

Prophets pets are loyal creatures and will do anything to protect their masters. Do not let their size fool you, the pets can be very powerful.

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